Adventures of the knowledge thirsty programmer
Buy a book and share it with friends - finally done right in the digital world!

This week something wonderful happened. I’ve bought Jeff Attwood's new book Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code and as great as it is, that isn’t the great part. The book is published by Hyperink and they did something right! In fact they did it so well that I had to get up and tell you about it!

People at Hyperink understand that books, and ideas in those books, are a social thing. When we read a great book, we want to share it with friends, we want to talk about it while sharing a bottle of wine. With physical books that is a reasonable wish: after you read a book you mention it to a friend, she then borrows it from you and next time you meet you have something great to talk about.

In the age of the Kindle most of that is lost. I know book lending is an (restricted) option in the USA, but for most of us it’s just a fancy, but untouchable, idea. When we want to share a book with a friend here in Europe we have to sell it first. At least until now!

Hyperink knows this and that’s why when you buy an ebook in their store, you get to give it to 4 of your friends for free! Think about it, how is that not nailing it? It costs you next to nothing to distribute another copy of a book, but people are going to have a much better experience with it, and consequently with you as a provider.

I really thought Amazon has won the book business with its recommendation engine, but now I’m really in love with Hyperink. You should check them out, your friends will be thrilled :)